Eternus Conscientia

by Harlan Mark Vale



'Eternus Conscientia" means 'Eternal Consciousness' in Latin.
I had read about a unique soft synthesizer in Keyboard magazine called Sonic Charge Synplant

It intrigued me so I downloaded a demo of it and fell in love with it. I had been focusing on creating contemporary forms of music for a Sacred Music Consortium at the time. I was struck with the idea of using this soft synth to to depict the eternal part of our consciousness. So I thought what better way to describe "Eternal Consciousness" that with a fully functional 30-day demo.

Synplant GUI uses virtual synthesizer 'seed' patches that are planted into computer 'soil'. You are able to harmonically grab and stretch notes into various 'plant' configurations. If you like the hybrid 'plant' sound you can re-plant it and create a whole new 'seed' to grow new species of sonic hitherto unknown in the herberbisphere.

Plus there is a DNA button that takes you into a double helix interface menu where you can change the synth parameters by sliding the DNA code orbs. Very trippy.

Also the software comes with a number of preset "Seeds". These 'seeds' have Latin names.
So you can see where I am going with this one.

The compositions are a series of extemporaneous improvisations where I would first create a patch or soundscape that I liked and then I would put myself into a meditative prayer state by focusing upon the Eternal aspect of my consciousness. Once I was submersed in this feeling, I hit the record button and proceeded to express my experience through the music.

Sometimes the titles would be included into the guided meditation to facilitate a particular aspect of the One consciousness.

These atmospheric pieces are, more or less, as 'formless' as melodic improvisations can be with attention given to the cloud and not necessarily the rain. The space between the mists.

They were recorded in a two week period using Logic Express 8 & a Mac Mini, Focusrite Saffire LE Audio Interface and my Korg X5 as a midi controller keyboard. I also used Arturia Analog Factory with some modular Moog patches and the EVOC 20 PS Vocoder, as well as native effects found in Logic. All digital audio rendering.

I picked out the graphics and JoDee (Vale) assembled them for me. I wanted a rather simple modern and austere vibe to it. My intention was to have the formless mind appear in the everyday modern structures.

The inside has a story to it too. We both had read "The Isaiah Effect" by Gregg Braden.

In it he describes a 'code' that is used, which is derived from the atomic mass number in the compounds found in DNA (AGCT...) and then assigned to Hebrew letters. The result is that the compounds found in the Human (and all) DNA literally translate to: "Life Eternal Within The Body"

He goes on to use this type of code on the Torah and what emerges is no less than a history of the world in a sudoku puzzle format. A vast number of world events appear in a text delivered from the time of Moses. When a major world situation comes up, there is also the additional comment of, "Will you change it?" written into the text. To me this gives everyone free choice to choose what to experience or default to the 'fate' of race unconsciousness.


released November 15, 2009

Harlan Mark Vale ~ Soft Synthesis
Realized @ The Boulders, Prescott, Arizona, USA
April 24 - May 6, 2009 by HMV
Logic Express 8 w/ Sonic Charge Synplant, Arturia Analog Factory
Photo Credit: ether, NASA
Design: JoDee Vale
Duplication: CreateSpace

All Songs © 2009 Pillars of Light Music / Harlan Mark Vale (ASCAP)



all rights reserved


Harlan Mark Vale Prescott, Arizona

Harlan attended The Evergreen State College in Washington State, where he studied 20th Century Composition, Electronic Music and Audio Engineering.
Harlan plays piano, synthesizer and percussion.
Harlan has been an independent composer / performer since 1974. He releases his own music through his own recording label, Pillars of Light Music.
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